Reading Japanese maps and marketing practices - conclusions 1


“Guide for a journey to famous places from Sendai in Ōshū to Kinkasan, with a stop at Kawazeni” (Oshū Sendai Shiroishi yori Kinkasan made meisho dōchū kawazeni shuku annaiki  奥州仙台より白石金華山まで名所道中川銭宿案内記), published by Miharuya Heikichi, ca. 1800, woodcut, 28 x 50 cm, C. V. Starr East Asian Library, University of California, Berkeley.
You can see the full map here:

A few conclusions
Fukuya, the sponsor of this map, was not alone in the promotion of this area as a tourist spot. Other stores of the region also resorted to similar techniques to promote the area. Yet, the emphasis on poetry and local lore seems to have been a particularity of this store. You can compare Fukuya’s map with this other map of the region printed for similar reasons by Miharuya Heikichi approximately at the beginning of the 19th century.