Reading Japanese maps and marketing practices 7 - introduction


Not everything on this map is about poems, descriptions and, in general, the creation of touristic memories. Fukuya, the sponsor, also uses this map to promote its products, presenting them as meihin or meisan (名品, 名産 special local products). You can see a list of local products on the upper-left side of the map. Many of these products are related to papermaking and brush making, perhaps as attempt to create a connection between Bashō’s poetry composition and the area in question. 
As this is a rather long and complicated text that combines hiragana and kanji, let's focus only on the hiragana of the first lines. Try and fill the gaps with the corresponding hiragana. Many of the meihin presented in this source are still considered typical products of Miyagi prefecture. You can use the following web pages to find extra information that might help you finishing the transcription and understanding the nature of the products.