Kinai's Five Provinces Solution

Kinai's five provinces in the  ‘Rebus with a Complete List of the Provinces of Great Japan’ (Dai Nihon kuni zukushi hanjimono 大日本くにづくしはんじ物), woodcut, Gifu Prefectural Library, shelfmark:17-14-2, URL:

You have recognized the five old provinces of the Kinai region:

Yamashiro: mountain (yama 山) + castle (shiro 城)
Yamato: arrow (ya 矢 ) + target (mato 的). 
Settsu: back (se 背) + crane (tsuru 鶴).
Kawachi: river (kawa 川) + loop (chi 乳, a small loop to attach the rod to the banner)
Izumi: well (ido 井戸) + pile (tsumu 積む)