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Old Japanese Maps

This tutorial is about old Japanese maps from the eighth to the nineteenth century. After its completion, you will have learned about different map types as well as the political, economic and social conditions, from which they emerged. You can then move on to the exercises in the training, which will allow you to read and interpret several Edo-period maps and to edit old maps with digital mappa, a text editing tool, especially conceived for old maps. Or, you can consult the resources, which explain map typologies, calender systems and offer instructions on how to use databases and digitized map collections.

If you want to learn to read old japanese scripts (kuzushiji), visit the section 'Transcription Exercises in Japanese'.

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Vitale, Judith: Ad fontes, Old Japanese Maps, URL: https://www.adfontes.uzh.ch/tutorium/old-japanese-maps.

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Searching for old Japanese maps

Nara-period maps

Heian-, Kamakura- and Muromachi-period maps

Azuchi-Momoyama- and early Edo-period maps

Edo-period maps

Surveying in Japan