The Iselin family archive, Basel

Locating Isaak Iselin – Task

The archive is neatly organized. Apart from the library, a portrait gallery and miscellaneous memorabilia, it consists of folders filled with documents. The material is sorted by person. Each person on whom the archive holds materials has been assigned a paragraph–number (§).

Those numbers are taken from the genealogical book Heinrich Iselin von Rosenfeld und sein Geschlecht by Friedrich Weiss–Frey, from the year 1909.

Part of a vast family tree, Isaak Iselin–Roulet turns out to be the direct ancestor of most of the Iselin family members living today in Basel. The cutout shows him with his brothers and sisters.
Family tree (extract) from: Weiss–Frey, Friedrich. Heinrich Iselin von Rosenfeld und sein Geschlecht. Basel: Emil Birkhäuser, 1909, appendix.