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Analyzing Sources

Title Subtitle

Source Criticism and Typology: Links

Source Criticism and Typology: Literature

Source Typologies According to Goetz

Source Typologies According to Brandt (PDF)

Economic and Administrative Sources (PDF)

Literacy: Literature

Charters and Diplomatics: Links

Charters and Diplomatics: Literature

Monasterium: A Virtual Archive of Central European Documents

The Papal States and Document Production: Literature

Curia and Dicastery: Literature

Research on Papal Documents: Regesta

The Papal Curia in the Late Middle Ages: Organizational Chart

Papal Devices and Their Biblical Referents (PDF)

Papal Documents: External Features

Various Document Types: Literature

Research on Papal Documents: Links

Cartularies: General Literature

Custumals (Weistümer/Offnungen): Literature

Land Registers: Literature

Account Books: Literature

Account Books: Links

Records Science: Literature

Global History: Bibliography