Cappelli: Downloadable Data

The Cappelli data, available for download here, was produced via crowdsourcing. The crowdsourcing team and expert reviewers both performed quality control, but it’s possible that some errors remain. The data comes from Cappelli, with the exception of the positions of abbreviation marks within a word.

You can download a zip folder using the link on the right. It contains an Excel file (.xlsx) with all the datasets and a folder of the corresponding images. The images are matched by an ID with the corresponding data element, that is, the image “1.jpg” matches to the entry with the ID “1.”       

The images and information come from the Cappelli Lexikon (Cappelli, Adriano: Lexicon Abbreviaturarum. Leipzig, 1928) and are in the public domain. The data can thus be used without reservation.

Cappelli Data (50 MB)

The files are always generated from the most recent data, which can lead to different versions. If the data has changed since the last update, a new folder will be created. This can take up to a minute.