Isaak Iselin in Hawaiʻi, 1807

Through Hawaiian Eyes II – Task

During the stay on Oʻahu, the Maryland was visited several times by Kamehameha I as well as by members of his entourage. Besides the function of courtesy visits, these also facilitated the buying and selling of goods. Isaak Iselin describes these visits in the edited version in a formal tone. As he did regularly, he omitted from this edited version passages originally included in the first draft of the journal.

Down below there is a passage from the original journal that describes Kamehameha I as well as two of his wives visiting the Maryland on June 30th and July 1st 1807. The second part of the passage was not included in the later edited version. Read the text from the original journal — note that through the thin paper the writings of the opposite side is visible.

Iselin private archive Basel, § 103 (bag), envelope I, journal part 3, p. 39.